From the Archive — Zero Istanbul Design Guide Workshop

About this time last year, Zero magazine had invited some selected professionals and design students to participate in to a cover workshop, under the curatorial statement ”Design your own Istanbul”, on which the participant had produced B&W photocopied artworks to be used as a dust jacket for the distributed guide. I, for the cover, had cut parts from the articles on previous issues related to Istanbul directly or indirectly; produced a cover for “Istanbul” without a visual resemblance to the city.

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Rip-offs #01

I just saw the one on the right side in a bookstore tonight, an evident rip-off of a book written by Orhan Pamuk, of which the cover was designed by Hakkı Mısırlıoğlu. Besides taking off my hat to the courage behind plagiarizing a book attached to two prominent figures from above, the three frames from the original cover are still unbelievably visible, half-transparently. What is even more heartbreaking is that the plagiarizer is an academic from Bogazici University, named Şahan Yatarkalkmaz.


New Work! — Meczup

This poster is titled “Meczup,” and produced for the diploma project of the University of Applied Arts student and a friend Marc Damm.

“Meczup is a word of which the meaning has shifted from a Sufism dervish who has been completely carried away by a mystical experience, to parallelly a regular flaneur on the street who is deranged. How the meaning and the background of the word always makes me feel like to somewhat similar of a wind, some sort of a breeze which is neither here nor there, and exists in an distorted reality than of the regular.”

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