Beginner’s Guide to Istanbul’s 2nd Hand Book Festival

Alongside with Filmekimi 2013 film festival, Istanbul has faced one of the two long expected events year round in a month. From the location chosen for the event, Odakule, one can easily pin that it’s a political decision instead of a practical one. Clearly, it came in handy for somebody to push any prospective trouble as far away from the infamous Gezi Parkı as possible, where the festival had originally taken place in the previous years. Which brings us back to the demonstrations. But, let’s keep it silent for now.

In order to ensure a professional yet cosy look, the second-hand sellers were now dissected down to smaller booths, all next or facing opposite to each other. One might be able to bump into any sort of material, from old vinyls to 1930′s typographic theater posters (I still regret not taking a shot at it despite the owner’s forbiddance), or from now sold-out readers to curiosity cabinets. Still. Knowing that during the military regime of the 80′s this kind of stores was an important asset in underground communication, the very soul of this effort now looks a little bit emptied out, if not drained. Although there is an awful warning here about the structural dissolution within 30 years of Turkey’s political history, one can cross his fingers on it, and start taking the festival as a form still not so over-commercialized or toyed, in any sense. As I did. Yet the overall picture remains to be seen…

Anyway, here is the display of what I could be able to get my hands on.

Nükhet DuruODUN - Metin ElogluMimar Dergisi #7-8Kemalist Yeni Duzen Theatreimage 2 image