Grafist Istanbul Graphic Design Week is an educational activity organized by the Graphic Design Department at Mimar Sinan University of Fine Arts. Having been organized since 1997, it celebrated its twentieth anniversary last year between 18 April and 18 May, not only with activities such as seminars, workshops and exhibitions, but also the opening of MSFAU the Centre of Graphic Design Application and Research. We designed the identity and exhibition.
Designed in collaboration
with Erman Yılmaz and Talip Özer.

With help of Selin Tahtakılıç,
Aysan Naz Türkmen
Eda Çağıl Çağlarırmak.

Project Title
Archive: The 20 Years
of Grafist

Mimar Sinan University
of Fine Arts

Exhibition, Identity

Project Date
April—May, 2016

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