Grafist, The İstanbul Graphic Desing Week is an educational activity organized annually since 1997 by Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Fine Arts Faculty, Graphic Design Department. Grafist is organized with the collaboration of GMK The Turkish Soceity of Graphic Designers. The purpose of Grafist is to create a space for the interactive sharing of all works and their results by preparing a well-designed meeting place where the graphic designers and students come together through activities such seminars, workshops and exhibitions and evaluate and discuss their design criteria and visions.
Designed in collaboration
with Erman Yılmaz.

Project Title
Grafist 21:
“Design Education:
Expanding the Mindset”

Mimar Sinan University
of Fine Arts, Graphic
Design Department

Poster, Identity, Exhibition

Project Date
May, 2017

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